Sixteen teenagers from the war zone took courage to talk about life under shelling.
They take the audience on the journey to the frontline towns, expressing themselves in their letters to the unknown western friend.

Promenade performance takes place in 10 locations, each one nothing like other…The path sprinkled with salt, the space itself is limited by signs "Danger mines!" - a sign that has become the usual landscape in the east. Guides to this world are children - "actors" from Novgorodske (now New-York), who act themselves. The audience enters the bombed-out apartment, then a small storage room and the future Novgorodske Museum. From there they get into the space of personal stories, poetry and songs. The journey continues through cyberspace, where a video from a park in Novgorodske coexists with a video - message from a Stranger Friend, acted by Johannes Biringer. In the story, Johannes recalls his best Christmas when he found himself alone in an empty movie theater in Chicago. All this creates an atmosphere of magical escapism into Soviet culture, which is suddenly interrupted by the severity of the facts.

«Letters to an unknown friend from New York»