The media project, among school-age children, aimed to increase the social activity of the younger generation.
An incredibly versatile performative space created by artists, including creative workshops and minif-estival of inclusive performances produced for the Arsenal of Ideas Family Festival. The aim of the festival was to celebrate our differences, equality, creativity and to promote creative methodologies in inclusive education.

The topic of inclusion - accessibility of education, comfort of movement, socialization of children with physical and mental disabilities - is being raised more and more often. However, not everyone knows how to deal with this important aspect using modern methods and changing stereotypes. After all, by asking the question: "How to communicate with a person with a disability?", we already separate him/her from society. And this is how we isolate such a person and create additional barriers. More than a game, it is a unique project that puts the principles of inclusion into practice. First of all, it is a performative space created together with teachers, artists and theatrical figures, in which all participants can interact and be creators, without the stigma associated with developmental or physical disabilities. Performing art promotes the socialization of children with special needs in a creative, protected space, where everything happens effortlessly - in the form of a game. This creative approach allows you to find forms of expression outside the standard thinking, to reveal the uniqueness of each child and to defend the right for individual development. Art is always seeking uniqueness and value in the most unexpected things

«More than a game»