Zaruchnyky - a side-specific production telling the epic drama of cultural conflicts of post-communist society centered around the new art discovery. What if the Renaissance began earlier and elsewhere?

Church. Mosque. Stable. Torture chamber. Food composition. Arsenal. Cemetery.
This is the story of an abandoned church where a sensational fresco was found. A local art critic claims that the Renaissance began in Eastern Europe. It is likely that the history of Western art will be radically rewritten. The Ministry of Culture, nationalists, the President of the Court, the Catholic and Orthodox Churches, international experts and a local curator are fighting for the valuable painting with which everyone associates their bright future. But everything changes when the church is seized by refugees…
For the first time, David Edgar's epic play sounded in Ukrainian! The author is one of the most famous playwrights of our time, known for his numerous plays and adaptations for the National Theater of London, the Royal Shakespeare Company and the BBC. His works have repeatedly won awards: Society of West End Theaters Best Plays, Tony Award (USA), Plays and Players Award for Best Play.

The premiere took place in the Theater Laboratory of the Art Arsenal.

Performance director: Olga Danylyuk, assistant director: Dmytro Zakhozhenko, set designer: Fedor Alexandrovich.