Is a thrilling performance created together with creative youth, who were divided by the frontline in Eastern Ukraine.

They never thought that their region could be so brutally torn apart. For the first time the participants from both sides of conflict speak openly. The audience is invited to a dark journey through the first year of war, which has changed the children's lives forever. How do young people experience this war from the opposing sides? How different is the life of the young generation in "DNR" and "LNR" from their fellows on the Government controlled territory? What do they keep silent about? Why do they hate media representation of the war? There are many questions that require answers. Finally, "exhausted by war" Ukraine agreed to the so-called "Steinmeier Formula", possibly in it's most Moscow-friendly interpretation. 13,000 people dead, a quarter of them civilians and up to 30, 000 wounded... there is no justice... And it hurts.
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